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There’s a lot that goes on in The Serpent, the new Netflix series that follows a real-life serial killer who left a trail of dead hippies along South Asia in the 1970s.

But gruesome murders aside, we can’t help but be in awe of the era’s sense of style, as embodied by actress Jenna Coleman on the show: the silk scarves, the psychedelic prints, the flared suits and, of course, the sunglasses.

The decade of disco was obsessed with their eye-catching eyewear. Recall the dark-rimmed glasses that became a signature of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, or the tinted, wire-rimmed aviators that feminist activist Gloria Steinem was never seen without. Bianca Jagger was sporting sunglasses indoors before Kanye West made it a thing, famously pairing her gowns and suits with Ray-Bans. And perhaps nobody worked oversized sunglasses, in all their shapes and shades, as fervently as America’s former First Lady, Jackie Kennedy.

You get the point: big shades were a big deal. Or are, now tha ’70s fashion is making a comeback yet again. (Fashion search engine Lyst credits the renewed interest to The Serpent, but the likes of Gucci, Celine and Chloé have been referencing the era’s slinky styles for seasons now.)

If you’re looking to nail the trend with all the glamour associated with the decade’s style icons, consider our selection of sunglasses to wear this Spring/Summer 2021.

1. Ray-Ban hexagonal sunglasses

When it came to sunglasses, no other brand conquered the market quite like Ray-Ban in the ’70s. It did, after all, invent the iconic Aviators. And it’s clear that it has not lost any of its penchant for creating timeless styles, such as these hexagonal sunnies. Not only do they come with the same cool blue tint that Gloria Steinem often chose for her own Ray-Bans, but they also retain a vintage look thanks to their skinny steel frame.

2. Chloé Esther sunglasses

Made from eco-friendly, bio-based acetate, Chloé’s Esther shades are as ’70s as you can get. It’s in the thick frames, the lightly-tinted lenses and that statement hexagonal frame, all of which make for a very stunning pair of eyewear.

3. Celine aviator sunglasses

Designer Hedi Slimane has a knack for creating instant classics, especially so when he refers to Celine’s archives from the ’70s. These aviators, featuring a double nose bridge and green tinted lenses, are no doubt a nod to the era, but they still have the power to impress decades later.

4. Dior SoStellaire1 sunglasses

True to the era of excess, sunglasses weren’t just big; they were colourful too. These sunnies by Dior Eyewear perfectly captures both trends with its sizeable square frames and gradient lenses. Its semi-transparent frame also lends an air of lightness to it, making it pretty wearable if you’re not used to such statement styles.

5. Cartier Eyewear Signature C sunglasses

It’s all in the details for these Cartier Signature C shades, which mimics vintage designs to a tee. The nose bridge, thicker than those usually offered today, sits near the middle of the lenses, so that when you put these on your eyes will get total coverage. The tortoiseshell effect not only adds to the sense of retro glamour exuded by the frames, but also makes them much easier to style than the colourful options on this list.

6. Gucci oversized sunglasses

Not only can Gucci can give you a whole ’70s-inspired ensemble, but the Italian brand also has the shades to go with it. These oversized glasses are a prime example. They stand out with their yellow-tinted lenses, something we saw plenty of in The Serpent. Take cues from Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner on how to make the golden glasses work today.

7. Stella McCartney aviator sunglasses

You can never have too many aviators, and it’s especially hard to say no to a pair that looks this good. Stella McCartney’s metal and acetate sunnies sports a slender frame that balances those large, square lenses. You’ll be showing off a golden glow all on your own with these aviators.

8. Victoria Beckham butterfly oversized sunglasses

There’s a reason why butterfly sunglasses, a popular shape in the ’70s, never really went out of style. With a frame that narrows at the nose bridge and extends at the edges, the shades are perfect for balancing out long faces and a strong jawline. These tinted sunnies from Victoria Beckham are bound to do just that, with a dose of sunflower-hued vibrance.

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Replica Ray-Ban Glasses: A Timeless Classic

Despite the transience of fashion, the replica Ray-Ban glasses brand has been the undisputed world leader in the glasses industry, producing quality, authentic eye-wear since 1937.

Becoming a Timeless Classic

Ray-Ban first gained attention when the media took photos of General Douglas MacArthur wearing the Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses while landing on the beach in the Philippines during World War II. Popularity for the brand then grew rapidly when American pop-culture icon Marilyn Monroe wore Retro-Wingtip sunglasses in public and movies. As time went on, and the style continued to grow in popularity, the likes of James Dean, Bob Dylan and John F. Kennedy were all seen sporting the classic Retro-Wingtip sunglasses we have all grown to love.

Ray-ban replica sunglasses – specifically the Aviator style- were first introduced to the market for the United States Army Air Corps. Aviator sunglasses quickly grew in popularity when musicians Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were seen wearing them in the 1960’s. Ray-Ban sunglasses have also graced the faces of film celebrities Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edward in Top Gun, further adding to the brand’s recognition.

When you think of the word Retro-Wingtip, you don’t think of a traveler on foot, but rather as one of the most enduring fashion icons of the 20th century – the Ray-Ban sunglasses. From Matthew McConaughey on the red carpet to Tom Cruise in the film Risky Business, Ray-Ban sunglasses have been donned by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Combined with a denim jacket over a plain white T-shirt, the Retro-Wingtip gives you that classic-cool trademark look of the 1950’s.

Replica Ray-Ban Glasses

Ray-Ban glasses popularity has extended past their replica sunglasses line to include timeless glasses frames that include rectangular and Retro-Wingtip styles for men and women, and include modern cat eye shapes for women. The Ray-Ban replica glasses collection offers styles ranging from classic tortoiseshell and gradient patterns, from sleek black to stylish hues.

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Ray Ban Sunglasses Guide Reviews

Oh Ray Bans…how I love you…and lose you. I don’t know why I keep rebuying you after they fall out of my pocket, drown in a lake, stolen from a car, or just straight up disappear. This guide is a memoir to all those Ray Bans acquired and lost over the last 10 years. RIP. Thanks for giving me the knowledge to write this guide.

I love variety in my sunglasses – for all my different moods, activities and outfits. Each shape, frame, and and color usually go with a particular style or activity I’m doing that day. Breaking it all down for you below, along with my top Ray Ban recommendations for Men and Women! I’ll preface with:

Face Shape: I have a smaller, more round/oval shape face and these are the styles that work great for me!

Always spend extra for polarized: ALWAYS. Don’t even consider non, it’s a waste of money and totally worth spending an extra $50 to get the most benefit from your sunglasses Customization Tip: Some RayBan color combos in the store (Sunglass Hut, Macy’s etc) don’t offer polarized in a particular color combo. No worries, just go to to customize your pair, it’s the same price.

The Round

The round is my favorite shape, most versatile! I love this shape so much I’ve gotten it in 3 different colors!


These are my new GO-TO for everything. Match every outfit, summer, winter, spring, fall. No wonder you see everyone on the internet in these!!! They are pure gold and effortlessly cool. My number 1 recommendation!


These guys are the summer version of the style. You can get the mirror in any color (green, blue, pink, purple, you name it) – but this coppery light pink is almost a neutral, so I love it! The only downside on mirrored lenses is pictures – you usually can see the reflection of the photographer or your selfie arm, but in real life the reflection looks amazing!


These my friends, are just different. I’ve never seen anybody else wear them, and they surprisingly match more than you would think. Not just to the pool or beach in the summer, but in the winter they are perfect for a ski trip with the white mountain background. Unfortunately, I’ve bought 2 pairs and lost them both. The second (replacement) pair, I lost on the FIRST DAY of owning them. So I don’t think I’m getting a third at this rate, lol.

Also – the online pictures do not do the “real life” sunglasses justice!! They are so much more vibrant in real life, like the pictures below.

The Hexagon

The next “it” shape!! The cool girl next door that doesn’t want to be the same as everyone else. If you’re trying to do something different than the popular round shape above – THIS IS IT. For the pair that matches everything and is transitional to any season and outfit, go with the Green Classic G-15 lens (same as the 1st Round shape lens above, just in a different shape). Because I already G-15 lens in Round, I switched it up with a flash lens in silver.

Polarized Tip: Unfortunately, (really don’t understand why Ray Ban does this) The Hexagon shape in gold / Green 15 is NOT available in polarized from stores (ie Sunglass Hut, Macys, etc). In order to get Hexagon shape, Green 15 lens, and polarized, you have to customize it on Ray Bans website. And it actually doesn’t cost more money! Just takes about 2 weeks to ship instead of 2 days.

The Erika is another style I have on heavy rotation, designated for more for “athletic” activities. The frame comes in metal and plastic, and both have different vibes (see pictures below).


The plastic frames are more practical for tons of activities (football games, water parks, hiking, actual activities). Comfort reigns superior on this pair, taking the title for the most lightweight, barely there feeling in my sunglass collection. Seriously, it won’t feel like you’re wearing ANYTHING in these. I also love them because they come in a matte color, which is different than the typical shiny plastic.

TIP on ordering POLARIZED in matte brown – the matte brown does NOT come in polarized in the stores. EASY FIX! All you have to do is make a “custom” pair online on Ray Ban – and it is the SAME EXACT PRICE. That was the only way I was able to get the Erika’s in Brown Tortoise, matte, and polarized.

The metal Erika’s come in a ton of colors, which are all dressier than the plastic. Gold is versatile enough for any season, and remind me a little bit of the Round Metal sunglasses, with a thicker frame. I used to wear them more, but now that I have the Round in Green 15, I tend to continuously reach for those over this pair. Again, if you’re just trying to be different, this would be another good choice, as it’s neutral enough to match anything.

The Aviator

Not gonna lie guys, the 3 shapes above are MY JAM. Clearly, because I buy them in multiple colors. When you know your shape, you just know. The aviator on the other hand, isn’t really my face shape. I had the smaller Aviator shape in blue Flash lens, back in 2015, for a few months. I lost these during a crazy week of SXSW when I got into the wrong Uber and then left my purse in it. Typical weekend shenanigans back at 22.

I found ONE SELFIE (from SnapChat) of me wearing them – so here ya go. This shape might work for you, but I would buy the blue Flash lens again in Hexagon or Round before I did the Aviator shape again.

The Wayfarer & New Wayfarer

The original sporty pair! I haven’t had these styles in years (like 2014) because of the newer styles that came out (Erika, Round, and Hexagon). Now with the additional options, I think the Wayfarer shapes are better suited for men – which are Ross’s staple sunglasses.

Difference between the Wayfarer and New Wayfarer: The Wayfarer frame is larger and has a slanted angle. The New Wayfarer is a smaller frame, and does not have a slant. Personally, on me, I preferred the New Wayfarer shape as the Wayfarer completely covers my eyebrows and the slant of the lens just doesn’t sit well on my face.

See some pics below of Ross in the New Wayfarer shape (brown tortoise, he also has black) and Wayfarer Ease in a fun bright blue color. The bright blue ones are actually his favorite, I would highly recommend as a gift! There’s also a picture of me in his Blue Wayfarers, so you can see what I mean on the size.

P.S. his are prescription so the Ray Ban logo is missing from the lens. Oh, and there’s me in the Purple Round and Hexagon shape again. We bought the bright colors together on a trip to Mexico as our souvenir.

The Clubmaster

The Hipster style that I can’t pull off. I’ve worn a friends pair ONCE for a photoshoot, and it turns out I didn’t like them so much I wasn’t looking up in any of the pictures, the one I have below is the best I have. Some people can pull this off, I’m not one of them. This is another shape that would be a good gift for a guy if he’s less sporty and more trendy.

Ray Ban Recommendation

Overall, I highly recommend getting a Green Classic G-15 lens color – either in Round or Hexagon. Make sure to “customize” the Hexagon shape online at in order to get polarized lenses.

My second recommendation would be the Erika shape, and I personally love the matte look in brown or black. Similar to above, if you want matte and brown, make sure you customize at to get polarized lenses.

The third pair to add to your collection should be a flash lens – I love the copper lens and the bright blue lens. Flash lens you do not need polarized, as the flash mirrored reflection has a similar effect. Since these are your “fun” pair, you can get any shape!


I think all men need a plastic sporty pair – so either the Wayfarer, Wayfarer Ease, or New Wayfarer. These will be their go to for sports and being active. The plastic helps sits tightly around the ears and there isn’t an uncomfortable nose piece like you get with metal frames like Aviators or Clubmasters.

Okay, what if your guy isn’t super sporty (ie his clothing of choice isn’t golf shorts and a polo) and more into trendy pieces or has a little bit of hipster in his step. Then go for the ClubMaster style!!

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The best Sunglasses to buy at ReplicaOakleyGlasses right now

NY Post may receive revenue from affiliate and advertising partnerships for sharing this content and/or when you make a purchase.

ReplicaOakleyGlasses is your one-stop shop for eyewear needs. You’ll find a variety of trendy shapes and styles.

Whether you’re into cat-eyes, round frames or timeless aviators, ReplicaOakleyGlasses has something for you. Plus, it has blue light and multi-focal glasses in a range of styles.

And did we mention that it carries must-have eyewear from top brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley?

The brand even offers a wide selection of prescription sunglasses and tints that’ll let you protect your eyes while still looking oh-so-stylish.

For a limited time, there’s a buy one, get one free deal on select frames and lenses with the code BOGOFS.

And to make sure you don’t miss out on all that ReplicaOakleyGlasses has to offer, we’ve rounded up some of the best styles the brand has to offer.

So check out our top picks and get ready to take your eyewear to new levels.

Ray-Ban Browline Black Multicolor Eyeglasses

Everyone loves Ray-Bans. They are classic, sleek and elegantly chic. This pair of frames are no different. The glasses’ subtle, yet striking design makes an irresistible fashion statement. And, their lightweight design means you can take them wherever you go.

Rollin Round Tortoise Sunglasses

These rock-inspired sunnies will make you the talk of the town. Their tortoiseshell rims and metallic hardware are irresistibly chic.

Cecily Geometric Silver Eyeglasses

This retro style is an eccentric fashion staple. With their eye-catching geometric frames, they can make any outfit look smart. The pink temple tips elevate the look by adding a bit of fashion and flair.

Illsa Square Black Sunglasses

If you’re looking to make a statement, then make these sunnies your go-to pair. These slightly oversized square-frames will make you stand out in any crowd and they infuse attitude into any outfit.

Moon River Round Clear Blue Eyeglasses

Consider your search for the perfect pair of glasses officially over. These striking frames, designed with a clear blue and gold metal rim, are the definition of elegant.

Ray-Ban Round Clear Red Eyeglasses

Rocking these round Ray-Ban frames will turn heads wherever you are. This classic shape gets a remake with its white and pink color contrast and sleek design. And their anti-scratch build makes for a worthy investment.

Teavee Round Gold Sunglasses

This timeless shape, made famous by John Lennon, will bring a cool factor to any look. Decked with round frames, a lightweight build, and comfortable pads, these frames make the perfect accessory for spring.

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Best Oakley Cycling sunglasses Easter deals

Summer is coming, the evenings are getting longer and we’re finally getting those extra hours of sunshine we’ve been missing, not to mention the extra miles.

So don’t miss out on some of the excellent deals on eyewear around at the moment, for both UK and US customers. We’ve searched the internet and found the best ones.

It’s not just about looking cool – good-quality lenses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays as well as keeping out insects and sharp objects that can get flicked up.

If you’re an Oakley fan there are some great reductions on some of the most popular models including Radars, Jawbreakers and Sutros, while we’ve also tracked down some excellent deals on 100%, POC, Smith and Bolle.

The Cycling Weekly tech team has many years of experience and we know a decent pair of sunglasses when we see one – or rather look through them. We wouldn’t recommend anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves.

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Stussy & Oakley Are About to Drop the Shades of the Summer

Stussy and Oakley are teaming up for a sunglasses collab set to drop this weekend. Per teasers posted to Stussy’s Instagram, the link-up will riff on Oakley’s Eye Jacket frames and arrive in two colorways, Black and Sand.

The Eye Jacket Frames were released back in the ’90s, a time when Oakley’s sports shades were everywhere — no small part in thanks to Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. The brand made a massive comeback into the fashion space in 2018, collaborating with Louis Vuitton, Maison Margiela, and Heron Preston, just to name a few.

In the years that followed, the brand has dropped a number of great collabs — Stussy’s upcoming release follows shortly after ours, which dropped on the Highsnobiety store recently.

“Oakley has been the go-to sports-sunglass brand for decades now. I remember how cool it felt to get a pair of their famous Eye Jacket (kind of a Matrix-sports vibe) as a teenager and I remember even more how uncool it felt a few years later to wear small glasses when Oakley’s bigger frames took over,” said Highsnobiety creative director Herbert Hofmann. “They always seem to be on-trend — an inspiration for the fashion industry.”

Oakley x Stussy will arrive on Friday, April 2 via Stussy’s website, Chapter locations, and Dover Street Market. However, if these shades aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, check out Highsnobiety’s Oakley Sutro Lite collab below.

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Oakley Debuts $140 Pair of Replica Sunglasses as Part of New Partnership with Damian Lillard

New Oakley Sunglasses

New Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley Sunglasses brand is stepping up its (basketball) game this season with the launch of a new partnership with Portland Trail Blazers star (and hip-hop recording artist) Damian Lillard.

The partnership kicks off with the re-release of Oakley’s iconic “X Metal Romeo and Juliet” frames, the brand’s first-ever wire frame replica sunglasses. Popularized in the nineties as part of fake Oakley’s 1875 X Metal Edition collection, the frames were often seen on A-list athletes and musicians, who liked the shades for their sleek, sculptural shape and performance-minded features.

As part of Oakley’s new partnership with Lillard, the brand is re-issuing two pairs of the “X Metal Romeo and Juliet” sunglasses in a super limited-edition set. The set include two pairs of the 3D-printed titanium frames, a collector’s coin, commemorative booklet and custom box. The boxes will be signed by Lillard, as well as former Chicago Bulls star, Scottie Pippen, as a nod to Oakley’s past and present. Only 14 limited-edition Oakley MUZM Series 1875 X Metal Edition sets will be made available for purchase. The rare offering won’t come cheap: the special boxed set comes with a $140 price-tag.

Lillard was pictured wearing a pair of the iconic frames prior to tipping off against the Golden State Warriors earlier this week, pairing the $140 shades with a Louis Vuitton striped sweater, cloth face mask and a pair of white sneakers (though they don’t appear to be from his collection with Adidas).

As part of the new campaign, Oakley will contribute $140 to RESPECT, a program founded by Lillard to empower high school students to stay in school and to find success both in and out of the classroom.

“I strive to be the best on the basketball court but I also work hard to give back to my community and help foster the education of future generations” Lillard says, in a press release. “Oakley understands what I want to accomplish both professionally and personally so I’m looking forward to being the new face of Oakley basketball.”

Oakley says its research and development took more than two years to re-imagine the 1875 X Metal Edition frames, narrowing down the final product from more than 400 designs. The brand says it will work with Lillard on future releases, saying “The sky’s the limit when it comes to collaborating with Damian to innovate eyewear both on and off the court.”

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New Oakley Encoder replica sunglasses outlet

Oakley’s new Encoder looks slick, but what’s far more interesting is the technology incorporated into the new lens design.

Sunglass giant Oakley has long had a reputation for pushing boundaries when it comes to style. But while the company’s new Encoder model does sport a somewhat avant garde look, the most interesting thing about it has nothing to do with optics or aesthetics.

Look closely at the upper edge of the lens, as well as the area around the nosepiece. Those subtle bends will add a lot of stiffness to a lens design that otherwise wouldn’t have very much of it.

At first glance, the Encoder uses a fairly straightforward frameless shield layout and an oversized lens that offers generous coverage. But while replica frameless sunglasses often offer field-of-view and weight advantages over full-frame designs, they also tend to be flexier, offer a less-secure fit, and generally just don’t feel as substantial.

With the Encoder, however, Oakley has flared the upper edge and nose areas of the lens to create more of a three-dimensional profile and more stiffness as a result. In effect, it’s sort of like how a flat strip of aluminum is pretty flexible, but a similarly narrow strip with 90º bends along the edges offers far more rigidity. It’s a brilliantly simple approach to a common problem, and one that I expect Oakley will use more going forward.

The oversized lens should provide ample protection from sun, wind, and debris.

The temples are also supposedly shorter than what we’ve traditionally seen from Oakley Outlet in the past for better compatibility with various helmet retention systems. Two different nosepieces are available to help fine-tune the fit, too.

Oakley is offering the Encoder in four different stock color combinations for now (including the company’s superb Prizm Road tint), although you’ll want to choose wisely. While the new lens design is neat from a structural engineering perspective, it’s not interchangeable.

As big as the lens is, I can’t help but wonder if the unusual nosepiece construction might still impinge on your field of view just a little.

Retail price is US$23 / AU$31 / £14 / €22.

More information can be found at

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